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Judgement Recovery

If you have uncollected judgements on any civil  Commercial or Consumer debt.  Progressive Legal Process Services can help you collect on your judgement.   By assigning judgements over to PLPS we are able to put our experience to work by helping you collect what you are legally owed.  By taking assignment of the judgement we have the authority to skiptrace, pull credit reports, conduct asset investigations,  locate bank accounts, and even use surveillance to enforce the collection of judgements.

80% of judgements are never collected.  For one reason or another after a judgement has been entered in the plaintiffs favor, the judgement is never collected.  The Courts usually do not enforce collection on judgements without extra legal steps.  It is up to the judgement creditor to navigate the endless and confusing maze of  legal paperwork just to collect the money.   PLPS has the experience to locate the judgement debtor, help file the correct paperwork to enforce the judgement, and move the entire process along from start to satisfaction of the judgement.