They are very professional and got my protection order served very fast in a small time frame. Would highly recommend to anyone seeking a process server.

Excellent customer service. Prompt, thorough, courteous and reasonably priced. I searched for a week trying to find a competent process server for Richmond, MO through various means. I finally took a chance on Progressive, who I found on Google, and wished I had started there!

Our law firm needed to serve some law enforcement professionals in a small western town in Missouri. Living in Florida I had no idea or appreciation for the effects a winter snow storm can do to an area. I called several process servers and they all declined the job due to the hazardous weather conditions and the small amout of time to get the parties served. Progressive Collection Consultants not only accepted the job but got the parties served in less than three days. If we ever need to have individuals served in the Missouri/Kansas area we will always use Progressive Collection Consultants.

Joe and Progressive were extremely effective. They were able to serve a Defendant that previous process service firm had been unable to within a few hours of receiving the documents. I highly recommend Joe and his team.

I highly recommend Progressive Legal Process Services. I talked with Joe who was so courteous and helpful. I had many questions and answered without attitude and helped me to understand the process. I received an email from Joe in less than a week stating they had already taken care of what I needed. I live in Maryland and honestly expected some delay but there was none. If you are in need of process services in the Kansas City area they are the company for you. They personify professionalism. Thank you Joe.

I never had to hire a process server before, and I saw all the reviews KC Progressive has so it definitely eased my stress. They were prompt and efficient, my turn around time was a little over a week for non-express. Very reasonably priced also. If services are needed in the future, I'll continue to use them. THANK YOU!

I have worked with many legal professionals, and am very impressed with Progressive Collection Consultants. They go above and beyond to make sure the papers are served quickly and on time. The kept me informed about the status of each matter, and I have made a point to contact them for my process service needs.

Joe and Progressive Collection Consultants did an AWESOME job for me! They communicated every step of the way and got the job done quickly, and professionally. Thanks guys!!! I would recommend them 100% to anyone!!!

I would highly recommend using Progressive Legal Process Services. They were extremely quick and had our person served within 3 days. They cover the entire State of Missouri and have certified servers in all areas and not just in the Kansas City area. My sincere "thank you" for your services.

Great service! Would highly recommend using KC Progressive as a serving company. The owner, Joe Powers, was able to answer all of my questions and get the job done quickly.

Wanna thank Progressive Process Legal Service. I hired them on Friday morning and they had the person served the next day. If your looking for a private processor then look no further. I highly reccomend them. Thanks again for everything!!!

Great service, very responsive, good follow through and reasonable rate.